Instruction is divided into four broad categories: 

(1) basics

(2) self-defense techniques

(3) forms (or katas), and 

(4) advanced topics.



"Basics" includes topics such as balance, how to properly form a fist, correct punching techniques, stances, effective blocks against punches and kicks, and kicking techniques.

When practicing "self-defense techniques,"  the student is taught specific defensive maneuvers to counter specific street-style attacks.  Students practice techniques, with other students of the same rank, by alternating in the roles of attacker and defender.

When practicing "forms " the student is taught a series of defensive maneuvers that are normally executed against a number of "invisible" opponents attacking from multiple directions.

"Advanced topics" include defending against attackers using various weapons, defending against multiple attackers, and creating individual self-defense techniques and forms.


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