The Winged Dragon Karate Club teaches self-defense classes throughout Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Our classes are taught by experienced Black Belt Instructors skilled in the Chinese arts of KENPO and CHIN-NA.

  Classes are sponsored by the Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks.  We have been teaching self-defense classes with Recreation and Parks since 1977.

Class schedules generally follow the academic school year... from early September to early June.

Each of our classes uses a standardized, written curriculum.  If a student starts in one class location, but decides to change to another location, she/he may do so without interruption to the learning process.

The overall objective of studying the martial arts is NOT to learn how to fight.  The real objective is SELF-IMPROVEMENT.  Emphasis in the Junior Division is placed on student discipline, respect for authority and for others, academic achievement, the importance of the work ethic, and individual responsibility.

The purpose of karate is not to prove yourself, but to improve yourself.


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